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The art of masterbating in a short amount of time do to time restraints.
Man, the other day, I had like five minutes from the time my mom went down the street to get the mail til she came back up to help me get my stuff! I was fasterbating like a mother fucker!!
by Comanche Jackson September 29, 2011
The stickiest of icky aka exotic weed- Nothern Lights, Widow, Kush, etc. Excellent marijuana.
I just smoked this shit, dawg. It's some straight gorilla glue green; I'm not even playin! I mean, I had to wash my motha fuckin' hands just to get the stickiness off. Like for real, for real!!
by Comanche Jackson January 14, 2011
Much like racial profiling except towards obese people. Discriminating against fat people.
"Yo, tell that fat b!tch that she's gonna have to drop some weight b/f she puts on this uniform. I don't care if it's spacial profiling or how good she is, she's fat!!'
by Comanche Jackson January 04, 2012
A country way of saying eating pussy (Pronounced- Jie-Ner- Die- Ner)
Man, last night I ate at the giner diner & bout closed that some-bitch down!
by Comanche Jackson July 26, 2010
Another way of saying fingering a female.
Yo' I was at ol' girls house last night. I messed w/ her one time & this chick was tryna have me playin' DJ Hero all motha fuckin' night?!
by Comanche Jackson December 05, 2010
An individual/group of individuals who uses art i. e. graffiti, poetry, song, skits, etc., to "fight the man". They use this art form to let the masses know that they don't have to be a sheep and that you should think for yourself instead of just excepting the norm.
My boy just became truth artist of the year. He tatted up the whole left side of the city council building w/ a protest mural against the policies that are boggin' us down in these hard times.
by Comanche Jackson September 28, 2010
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