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Wearing socks that are either brightly colored or heavily patterned such that they sharply contrast with the wearer's outfit. Power Socking is a statement of boldness. The more contrasted the better.

The sharpest contrasts are achieved directly between the socks and pants or socks and shoes.
Note: Socks must match each other, but must not match any other part of the outfit, otherwise it's not Power Socking.
Some examples of Power Socking include:
Orange socks with a blue pants
Green socks with red shoes
Plaid socks with striped pants
by Coltronix October 27, 2011
An edible item comprised of a combination of ingredients that takes the form of a cylinder; usually with a single, contiguous outer wrapping.
Some example food tubes include: burritos, spring rolls, California rolls and wraps.
by Coltronix July 23, 2012

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