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When you take five guys and one girl and have sex with her. Three dudes picking a whole, either mouth, ass or pussy. While they fuck her in her wholes she takes the two other guys standing at her side and begins jerking them off as if using ski poles.
Dude #1: Man we need to run the ol' air tight ski pole on this bitch.
Dude #2: Dude I get one of the wholes no matter what.
Dude #3: I get ass you get pussy?
Dude #4: What if your shit touches, won't that be weird?
Dude #2 and 3: Maybe, but fuck it.
Dude #4: Ok, well I'll take the mouth, I guess that leaves you guys as the poles.
Dude #1 and 5: FUCK! Well there better be plenty of lube.
by Colt4540 April 24, 2008

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