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A Cliffo is a girl who changes her appearance and hairstyle very frequently. She commonly falls in grass. She does not like chavs. She has many pairs of different coloured jeans. She may become obsessed with such bands as ''Green Day''. She is very pretty and has lots of friends. She is very lazy and her friends may have to carry her around for her. She falls in love with guys she meets on the internet.
by Colourdy April 06, 2009
The word ''colourdy'' generally refers to a pleasant scene consisting of many different colours. These colours are bold and vibrant and work well together. To be classified ''colourdy'' something must have at least 5 different colours on it. The most important characteristic about something being colourdy is it must look extremly nice. Many items can be called colourdy. Clothes are the most common example of this. However almost anything can be known as colourdy as long as it follows the discription.
by Colourdy April 07, 2009
A Bribri is a person who's obsessed with the celbebrity Robert Pattinson. It is commonly a girl. She may go to such extents as drawing immages of the her and Robert Pattinson ''happy'' together. She simply cannot go a day without having indescent thoughts about him. She will often become extremly upset at the thought that she will probably never meet him.
by Colourdy April 07, 2009
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