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(n.) a slang for cocaine rocks.

Also see: pebbles, weight
"Got a monster truck sittin' on 30's
Fuck the rap game 'cuz I still push birdies"
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
(n.) a small very amount of cocaine

See: birdies, stones, rocks, weight
"Now wait up; hold up; get it straight.
You push pebbles, I push weight."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
(n.) a slang term to mean colored diamonds worn around the neck and wrist which are growing in popularity among the wealthy black community.
"It's a beatiful life because I have my colorful ice."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
(n.) a common slang term for the southeastern slum communities of the United States; often used by rappers, southern gang members, and those who can not pronounce the word "south"
"The S is the poorest and least educated part of the United States."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
(n.) an influx of drugs from other parts of the area
"Yo son, you catch the latest wave from Orangemound?"
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
(n.) 1. a southern rap group with very little talent 2. a slum community popular for gang activity
"Son, the kid's messed his life up. He gone off and moved up in the Trillville."
by Colorful-Ice June 01, 2004
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