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stor-min'   stohr-min (Storming)
for a member of the opposite sex or indeed the same sex, depending on sexual orientation providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; arousing, attractive, sexually exciting to look at.

Fit, Hot, Attractive, Peng, Sexy, Totty, bang-tidy
Ugly, Grim, Cringeworthy, Gruesome, Unattractive
"She is f**king storming"

Relative terms:
1. Stormy - stohr-me

"That Kirstie is looking so stormy today"

2. Stormer stohr-muh
"Oh, Emma? Proper Stormer."

3. Storm
Possessive Noun
"She's packing a fuck load of storm tonight"
by ColonolStormseeker November 07, 2011
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