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The so called chosen people. But actually every race claims at one point or another to be God's chosen people, the Jews where just the first to call dibs on the name by writing it down.
Tim: Hi there I'm Jewish
Fritz the German: Oh, sorry, here's twenty bucks
Iranian: Don't be sorry that whole thing never happened
Mel Gibson's dad: He's right you know
by Collinf December 20, 2006
Unlike in Ireland, where one can be easliy defined as Irish, defing someone as American is inaccurate seeing as the country is roughly a hundred times bigger. Because America is so large, we actually have to specify what blood we've got in us when talking to each other. And there is no prouder blood to claim than Irish blood,(one could maybe argue Italian), because they had to put up with a lot of crap and prejudice(not nearly as much as the blacks, but a close second)
1.)Blacks and Irish need not apply
2.)Real Paddy: You're American
Irish-American: I'm Irish-American, America's a big fuckin country.
Paddy: You don't count, you're a yank, a wanabe.
Irish-American: My grandparents were born in Ireland, I think that gives me some big fuckin ties to it, you elitist douche.
Paddy: Feck off
by Collinf December 20, 2006

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