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2 definitions by ColintheMan

A vagine that has been repetadley used over and over again and is left mushy, loose, similar to a pancake in texture and reeking of fish.
Wow, look at Jenna Jameson. She's been in so many pornos, she must have a Pancake Pussy
by ColintheMan June 09, 2009
13 8
When one indulges in a heartily-topped burger, leaving the spillage of lettuce, pickles, onions or whatever toppings they essentially had on their patty in a pile on the table. This pile of condiments is usually consumed, making it salad-like because of the lettuce that spills out.
After I finished eating my double quarter pounder, I quickly lapped up my delicious after-burger salad.
by ColintheMan December 26, 2009
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