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4 definitions by Colin Kelly

When someone is crazy, or insane. Off the deep end. Berserk. A nutter.
"Watch out for Ethan, he's totally berko!"
by Colin Kelly March 25, 2006
13 6
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Like a Fool
Oh, man, after Liz fell in the pool I was like ROTFLLAF!
by Colin Kelly June 10, 2008
2 1
No offense intended.
NOI, but where the hell did ya get that haircut?
by Colin Kelly September 23, 2007
24 25
Slang for a guy who's, let's say, somewhat unendowed.

From "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", a very bizarre movie about a guy who has an operation to turn him into a woman, and it isn't entirely successful because the surgeon left an inch that was supposed to be excised, and Hedwig's reaction to this miscalculation, thus the title of the movie.
Hey, man check out Hedwig showerin' over there. That's totally LOL!
by Colin Kelly February 15, 2007
3 19