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A bitch that uses her teeth while giving head.
Sluma is a bracehead because she likes to use her teeth while sucking Burbs dick when she's mad at him.
by Colie May 10, 2005
A grandmother that is a whore with either younger or older men.
Steve said to Henry, "Dude, your grandma wanted to give me head last night, i didn't know she was a grandmore."
by Colie May 10, 2005
10 FL ounces Pepsi-Cola, one part Sour Apple Schnapps, 1 part HQ blue rasberry
Alcoholic beverage of the best variety.

"Damn this tastes good"
"Of course, it's a PepsiColie"
by Colie November 15, 2003
To wiggle or slither the dick around inside of a vagina that is too loose.
The man's dick was sloshing around in the whore's loose vagina.

Mortimer said to his frat brothers, "Man, my dick was sloshing up in that shit."
by Colie May 10, 2005
A beer bottle that has been stuck up a girl's vagina.
-Can you hand me that beer?
-Man, I dunno if you want that, Cindy took it in the other room earlier
-Fuck! Why do all the bottles here have to be thums up?!
by Colie May 10, 2005
A penis with chlamydia (or a penis that has discharge)
Shaniqua shouted to her man, "You got a huge creamislce! i'm gonna lick that seepage right up!"
by Colie May 10, 2005
A male or female's face that gets stuck inside of a vagina because it's so loose.
-I think I'm a vagina face.
-Something bad happened last night.
by Colie May 10, 2005

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