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1: (Noun) A topic that's considered to be contrevertial I.E. The second Iraqi war, gay marriage, abortion, etc.

2: (Noun) A store in various malls that sells clothes and tries to target various countercultures (I.E. Goth, Punk, Metalhead, Emo). Over the past few years, Hot Topic has gotten a reputation of forgetting it's core demographic (Urban countercultureists from ages 16-25, who are into music groups that are condisered to be too bizzare and raw to go mainstream, i.e. Danzig, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Casualties) in order to appeal to a new demographic (Suburban youths, ages 11-15, into such musical groups as AFI, Evanescence, Linkin Park who have toned down sounds in their various genres and received mainstream appeal).

3: (Adjective) Something that's not genuine, something mass produced and made to look like it's a part of a counterculture movement.

I hope the second definition is "Fair and Balanced" enough.
1: Do not talk about Ronald Reagan amongst those hippies. He's a hot topic!

2:I got this cute Avril t-shirt at Hot Topic!!

3: Your ICP t-shirt reeks of Hot Topic goth.
by ColdRedRain April 02, 2004
A conservative who usually is usually conservative on the matters of tax reduction, international policy and gun rights, but can often times be liberal on such issues as drug prohibition, abortion and adult material.

They see liberal establishments like Moveon.org and College Liberals to be outdated or sometimes hypocritical, due to the perceived notion that they're concerned with only promoting certian rights for people and not others and put their own special interests in front of national security.

They also tend to be suspicious of political correctness, seeing it as an ironic classification of people who wanted to escape classification.

Many can be irreligious.

They tend to be late Generation X (1975-9) or early to mid Generation Y (1980-5).

Named after the cartoon South Park.
South Park Conservatives are an odd bunch.

They believe in tax cuts and Middle East reform yet they toke up like a hippie with 24 hours to live!
by ColdRedRain April 25, 2005
Just another Liberal.
That stupid liberal believes that making the government control people's wealth, guns and religion equals freedom!
by ColdRedRain April 26, 2005
A black person of Carribean origins.
I can't understand a fucking word that Island Nigger is saying!
by ColdRedRain July 03, 2004
A person of African decent whose mannerisms, vernacular, and or attire resemble the mannerisms of a middle class white person.
Jamal, you should be president of the blonky club with that polo and kakhi combination.

Tyrone, is you turnin blonky on me brotha!? You be talkin like youz be white!!
by ColdRedRain April 02, 2004
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