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A 4 cylinder car engine, because it bangs 4. Usually gets good gas mileage but lacks speed and pick-up
I can beat you in a race dude!
No you can't, your cavalier is only a four banger
by colbster February 28, 2013
Ass Fish (or "fishing") is An anal sex move used by homosexuals, where you would put your penis in your partners ass followed by both hands on either side of your penis, meanwhile wiggling your fingers around and making "Bubble noises" to resemble a fish.

Note: Heterosexuals can use this move too during anal sex.
Ricky and James did the Ass Fish last night.

"Would you like to go fishing with me" Asked James to Ricky.
by Colbster June 12, 2007
Bustin/Busting is an Adjective to describe a woman with Overly Large breasts. (Busting out of your Bra)
"i like girls who are bustin, but not that bustin"

Jenifer is too Bustin for me.

Jenn is bustin today!
by Colbster June 12, 2007
A Mongolian Breakfast is a sexual act where the male (or lesbian partner) defecates on the Vagina of the receiver and then proceeds to eat out the receiver, defecation and all.
"Jeff had a Mongolian breakfast with Caitlin this morning"

Jeff: Hey I'm Hungry
Caitlin: well do you like Mongolian food
Jeff: only if its breakfast
Caitlin: Well lets have a Mongolian Breakfast
by Colbster June 24, 2007
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