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2 definitions by Colbertsuperpac

The older sibling of Karl Rove. Ham Rove is a chunk of Ham with some sweet 80's glasses.
P1: Man, Karl Rove's head looks like ham.
P2: Well, his older brother IS in fact a piece of ham. His name is Ham Rove.
P1: I did not know that, thanks for the info!
by Colbertsuperpac February 03, 2012
The frothy mixture of lube and campaign funding, that is sometimes the byproduct of politics.

Caution: Do not mistake for corruption. It is very different from corruption, because corruption is illegal and a SuperPac isn't.
I hope the application for my SuperPac passes the FEC. I can't wait to unco-ordinate with a politician, who is totally not corrupt.
by Colbertsuperpac February 03, 2012