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A heartless, automative beast developed by the Guardian Units of Nations, or G.U.N., military branch. It is commonly found recklessly wreaking ungodly havok upon the sloped streets of San Francisco. It careens through the streets going on a relentless killing spree, destroying millions in public property in the process. It is three-stories-tall, two-lanes-wide, and is capable of making impossible 90 degree turns at inconceivable speeds.

It's sole purpose is to chase down and deflate the world-famous Sonic the Hedgehog, who was wrongly accused of museum theft commited by a similar, but unrelated, hedgehog at the time.

The G.U.N. Truck would eventually crash into an inconvenient bridge and begin it's redevelopment process. After economic woes and an intense room in court, the G.U.N. Federation rebuilt the same truck that got themselves in trouble in the first place with fancy new features like bussaw arms and rockets that allow sideways driving alongside buildings.
Guy 1: "My car! Oh my god, what the HELL happened to my car?!"

Guy 2: "Didn't you hear? G.U.N. Truck came by and thrashed it."

Guy 1: "Why the hell would it do that?"

Guy 2: "It was trying to flatten a woodland creature."

Guy 1:"..."
by Codybean1 October 26, 2011
Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.
See that badass over there with the crowbar kicking everyone's ass?
by Codybean1 November 13, 2010
(Pronounced Ran - dom - may)

Randome is a term used to describe the random appearance of manga-inspired or manga art that would show up as a result of an unrelated Google Images search. Say, for instance, you googled 'Team Fortress 2'. Team Fortress 2 is a Hat Simulator that has no basis or any relativity with Japanese art whatsoever. However, anime-inspired images of the characters appear regardless. Same goes for just about anything else, including a search of the word 'survivalist'.

While techically considered manga, 'randome' is the more accepted term because it is easier to say and it is derived from the words 'random' and 'anime'.
On Google Images, search 'survivalist'.

Looks pretty normal to me.

Scroll down to the beginning of page 3.

There you go. Randome!
by Codybean1 November 20, 2011

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