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1 definition by CodenameEverett

Only the most incredible, amazing, awesome, fascinating, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, glorious, extraordinary, and awe-inspiring person in the world. Known for her extreme motivation to offer Better Health to all. She focuses on the psychology of physical activity. She is the greatest inspirational person of all time and has the largest heart made of the finest of rubies.
In her spare time she loves working out, reading, coming up with the smartest ideas for the Earth, being silly, and most of all smiling.

Her laugh practically goes hand in hand with her voice for being the sweetest sound on the planet. She offers more love then what she receives and she is very considerate and sincere. A true miracle worker!
Garth: "I Love you.. Will you marry me?"
Jaclynn: *Starts tearing and gasping* "Yes. Yes! I will marry you!"
by CodenameEverett June 15, 2011