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Beautifully constructed, German engineered, super-car of Audi.
Relatively affordable for what it is/has (4.2 litre V8 - 415 hp, or 5.0 litre V10 - 610 hp).
A true performer any respecting VW/Audi owner would covet in their driveways.
The gentleman asked to test-drive the newest super-car produced by Audi, the R8.

The R8 kicked the ass of the inferior american auto.
by Coco Mike July 10, 2008
What one would scream out the open window as they drive by a person walking. Waving an ice scraper out the window simultaneously is a complementary action that must be done if possible.
James reeyed at the man walking down the street, who then tripped and fell.

Brenden told James to hang out the window so he could reey and scraper at the same time.
by Coco Mike March 25, 2008
Known as "Winterfresh" when spelled properly, is a flavour of chewing gum by Wrigley's. If pronounced as Wintafresh it is given the aura of having a sort of "ghetto slang."
Also more commonly refers to the claymation figure of "Gumby," the green stick of winterfresh gum.
"Reey buddy lookin' like a piece o' Wintafresh," said James as Mike; smiled dem pearly whites gleamin' in da fluorescense.
"Hey you man, you got da hair all up on the side like Gumby, Reey you man be a piece a Wintafresh." Says Nathan as he laughs approvingly.
by Coco Mike July 10, 2008
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