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the act of one or both partners cumming on an index card, using said card to give each other papercuts on the genitalia, and then sending the blood/jizz covered card to a parent of one of the partners.
My wife and i are gonna Pass it along to her father this weekend.
by Cocklips February 06, 2009
the act of sticking a balloon in the vagina and inflating by means of mouth or pump and then fucking her streatched out pussy
the circus clown caused some serious vaginal inflation last night with the bearded lady.
by Cocklips February 06, 2009
when a man shaves his sex partner's pubes, cums on them and molds them into a small hat resembling one worn by daniel boone. the hat is then placed on the penis and inserted into the vagina.
I gave my woman a daniel boone last night and now she is bald as a baby.
by Cocklips February 06, 2009

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