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1 definition by CobraF16

A place on Long Island, New York, located off of exit 51 south off the LIE in suffolk county. Known mostly for its high school football team, and the #1 place in NY for street racers to meet. North Babylon has become a haven to anyone who has a car with 300hp or more. Most of the racers usually meet off of deer park ave. aka 231. And of course, it seems that everyone in the town owns a mustang.
"Yo Mark, are you taking you stang tonight to that racers meet off of 231 in north babylon?"

"Fuck Yeah dude!!! I also just drop in a new 347 stoker motor into my stang. Shits gonna be fucking fast!!"

"Hey I heard North Babylon just whipped West Babs ass in football on saturday, what was that score again???"

:It was like, 65-7, they murked them niggaz!!!"
by CobraF16 March 06, 2008