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3 definitions by Cmac

Hyperactive, highly contagious, exceptionally funny, slightly schizophrenic. AKA Cam-Head, Lamb Chop, Choppy, Chop Chop.
"Say it right Lammie" "Sssssorry"
by CMac October 27, 2004
9 8
A company in the United States of America that specializes in special orders pertaining to office supplies and office equipment.
"We're out of pens. Better contact Azerty for more..."
by Cmac April 05, 2004
4 29
When you fuck a girl in the ass, and she begins to shit and your penis and the shit collide giving the Train wreck affect.
dude i fucked Jill in the ass, and it was a fucking Train Reck.
by Cmac April 30, 2004
17 47