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2 definitions by Cm567

The worst online payment service ever. Have been known to freeze your account for no good reason and take your money. It is still frequently used by about 90% of ebay sellers and buyers as a way to recieve and send cash. Sadly, paypal also has many other websites sucking their dicks and using their shitty service as a preferred payment method.
paypal is an evil beast thats getting its nourishment from all those stupid ebayers! screw paypal!
by Cm567 August 23, 2006
Clothing store. Sells some decent clothing. Some of there stuff is pricey but worth whatever you pay. One thing I dont like about Anchor Blue's clothing is that they tend to shrink ALOT after washing. So I recommend you buy a size larger then what you normally wear for best fit.
I got a good deal on some basic tee's from Anchor Blue.
by Cm567 August 21, 2006