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Pete Wentz is the bassist of pop-punk band, Fall Out Boy.
He has a dog called Hemingway (who is much mroe attractive than his owner).
He is an overrated, hypocritical, conceited, lying asshole.
He says that he is Straight Edge but really is a man whore who has various STIs caught from many male AND female sexual partners.
He enjoys jumping into a crowd from heights who do not even appreciate him enough to catch that stupid bogan.
Pete likes to think he's smart and writes in cryptic writing a lot so people don't really see how he really feels.
That is -- lonely.
The conseqeunce of his own stupidity and 'dickheadedness'.
Pete Wentz only gives a crap for fans who are physically attractive and believes he too is gifted with physical beauty and continues hogging the spotlight.
He is false modest.
Pete Wentz usually appears to be a naive, confused 14 year old girl in a 27 year old man's body.'
He is a shit friend and a stingy loser.
Pete Wentz is a bogan.

Team Gutierrez.
by ClydeClydeClyde March 18, 2007

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