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a way for people to look dumb ruin their health and hygiene automatically repulses everyone in 1 mile radius makes small children cry when they learn what will happen to their smoking family/ parents. yeah you will look real cool hooked up to an oxygen machine with a hole in you check false teeth and a cigarette in your hand!
Nat :hey kate lets buy that 'cool' smoker a drink
kate: really, you now its a legal and painful way to Die!
Nat :oh really? never mind!

smoking killed my Grandpa he even quit, reason the smoke was in the carpet after he had been smoking for so long. i was five years old
by Clutzs is kinda clever July 05, 2010
a way for smart people to say u voted for Obama because he is black there for your raciest because you treated someone differently because of their race ass
"ohhhhhhh you didn't vote for Obama you racist"
"Wow thats like me calling you sexist for not voting for Hilliary"
Room gasps

p.s that happened Too Me
by Clutzs is kinda clever June 15, 2010

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