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4 definitions by Cluck Cluck

noun; a delicious flat bread topped with spices (such as basil or rosemary) and other products (garlic, olive oil).
Mmm...I could go for some delicious focaccia right now.
by Cluck Cluck March 26, 2007
43 6
Being of or like a noodle; wobbly, tired, floppy, drooping onto the person next to you.
"Look at that noodly woman, she can barely stand with her noodly legs"
by Cluck Cluck January 19, 2006
40 19
Noun; an impatient and irritable person, usually also someone with a short temper
"Yo man, ima call you later"
"Goddammit call me now!!!"
"STFU ya damn skoob!"
by Cluck Cluck April 27, 2006
20 14
It's the musical fruit.
Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot!
by Cluck Cluck January 21, 2007
318 338