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The particularly massive, overbaked turd that makes your chocolate starfish feel like it's been invaded by a 400lb hairy fairy
Probably not a good idea. My brass eye's still suffering from that poozilla.
by ClubBarf June 09, 2004
A particularly hairy gentleman of the gay persuasion, often only temporarily so when imprisoned for criminal behaviour.
The dude's queer - the big hairy fairy cornholed everyone in the clink
by ClubBarf July 04, 2004
A girl who lacks financial means, but still somehow manages to sport all the latest fashions - either by wardrobing, shopping very carefully on ebay/in second-hand stores, by craftily modifying existing items of clothing to match current runway trends, or making her own clothes.

Many struggling designers are actually Hobo Supermodels - cash strapped, they make their own fashion out of whatever they can get their hands on.

Generally looked down upon by it girls, who are mostly too vain and stupid to realise that most of the dresses they pay stupid money for are being designed by people who started out as Hobo Supermodels.
"Check it out! I got these Jimmy Choos on sale for a quid!"

"You superb little hobo supermodel, you!"
by ClubBarf October 16, 2011
The act of purchasing an item that you intend to use and then return for a refund. Technically you "own" the item until it's returned, but you never really intended to pay for it - just borrow, or "borrown" it.

Usually perpetrated by the kind of people who arrange for a 2 day test drive of a 4x4 they have no intention of buying so they don't have to pay for an offroading experience, and then proceed to drive like an asshat through the local trails.

Similar to the term "wardrobing", but "borrowning" can refer to anything returnable, not just clothes.
"Dude, how can you afford a Bang & Olufsen sound system??? Did you borrown it just for the party?"

"Of course she's wearing new Jimmy Choos - she's borrowning them, like all of her outfits! She's like a hobo supermodel. She's a wardrobing queen."
by ClubBarf October 16, 2011

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