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12 definitions by Cloudy

One who is in the possesion of the Havok junk.
And Joebob held up the mighty Havcock for all to see.
by Cloudy August 04, 2003
1 3
a.) An atmopheric condition marked by excess cumulus buildup in the stratosphere.
b.) What that other guy said, except I don't have blonde hair.
An escalater can never break, it can only become stairs. Cloudy.
by Cloudy March 30, 2004
12 18
Broad, sharp and damn cute.
Everyones favourite hunk, blond smooth hair and golden smile.
wow, what a cloudy guy
by Cloudy March 27, 2004
7 21
ignore her music and image.... her lyrics are true from the heart if you actually listen to them..
"i don't wanna fall to pieces, i just wanna sit and stare at you...."
by Cloudy March 01, 2005
34 58
You seriously just got pwned.
| <-wall
(>O_o)> C--(__)D
by Cloudy February 15, 2004
18 50