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The combination of the two words "clitoris", part of the female genitals and "dinosaur", ancient animals that roamed the land billions of years ago (before they went extinct.)

Refering to a dangerous carnivorous form of clitoris that will probably alarm you as you're doing your work; can not be differed from a normal clitoris until initial contact (which will be painful) so you should ask your girlfriend/female aquaintance whether she has a dinosaur clitoris before things get too messy.
Dang, last night I was with this girl and turns out she had a damned clitosaurus.. hurt like fuck.

by Clitosaurus January 07, 2007
When you are deemed officially gay and given a certificate signed by an elite and secret force of individuals, who's true identity shall never be revealed.

You better hope you don't get a certification of gayness because... well, that's gay.
Andrew: Hey, what's this in the mail?
Narrator: Andrew is a very sad, gay person.
Andrew: What the... Certification of Gayness?!
Narrator: Andrew has just been enlightened, as the truth dawns upon him, leading him towards the bright light at the end of the tunnel...
by Clitosaurus January 07, 2007

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