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A lesbian ritual in which a lesbian dominatrix urinates into an enema bag and then immediately inserts the enema tube into her lesbian slave's anus and releases the full contents of the enema bag into her slave's intestines.

Or, sometimes a funnel is inserted into the slave girl's anus and the lesbian dominatrix urinates directly into her slave's rectum.

In either case, the maximum temperature of the lesbian dominartrix's urine is retained, thereby the name "hot piss enema".
Stephanie has not urinated for 36 hours in preparation for giving Allison her famous lesbian hot piss enema!
by Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) March 01, 2009
A queening stool is a low "toilet-style" seat which fits over a submissive lesbian's face and contains an opening to allow oral-genital-anal stimulation of the Lesbian Dominatrix while seated. The queening stool features full access to the dominatrix's crotch by their lesbian slave.

This seated position allows the dominatrix's pelvic floor muscles to sag and relax ... and so exposes the dominatrix's entire pussy and rectum to intimate lesbian service.

Sometimes the dominatrix will enhance this girl-sex play by actually urinating and/or defecating into/on her sex slave's mouth and face. (Hollywood rumors suggest this is a favorite ritual of Paris Hilton.)
During a heavy night of lesbian bondage, Paris Hilton got so wasted and drunk she overconed a lesbian groupie while on her diamond-studded, platinum-plated, $100,000 Lesbian Queening Stool. The poor girl-slave's (Allison) face looked like a broken sewer main!
by Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) February 21, 2009
A sweetly perverted lesbian, girl or woman who offers HER mouth, lips, throat and stomach to other lesbians, girls or women for use as an actual toilet. Activities include spitting, pissing and sometimes even shitting (and vomiting) into the toilet girl's mouth.

Sometimes a mouth/jaw vice is applied to force the toilet girl's mouth open for extended periods of time. Usually when she is consuming the excretions of 2 or more lesbians.

Many Hollywood actresses and female musicians use hot lesbian groupies as Lesbian Human Toilets.
Did you hear the hot-gossip rumor that Paris Hilton regularly requires her lezbo groupies to be a "Lesbian Human Toilet" before Paris will grant them girl-sex with her?
by Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) February 21, 2009
A Lesbian Dominatrix or Lesbian Mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in lesbian bondage and discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM).

Activities performed on her lesbian slaves include severe, restrictive bomdage/gagging, public humiliation, pussy/pussy-smell worship, forced toilet-sex, face-sitting, inverted suspension, hot-wax punishment ... and pussy, rectum, sex-gland and bladder torture, etc.

I think Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) is really turning into a Lesbian Dominatrix. She recently seduced Stephanie, tied her up and gagged her with her used pantyhose then beat the shit out of her. Then pissed in Stephanie's willing mouth before she force buttfucked her with her 12" hot-pink strap-on.

by Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) February 23, 2009
The most extreme possible form of a combination of both urolagnia (urine drinking) and coprophagia (feces consumption), Lesbian Immaculate Body Service (IBS) is the consumption of lesbian human urine and feces directly from the urethra (pee hole) and/or anus (asshole) of a Lesbian Dominatrix/Mistress into the consuming lesbian's mouth and swallowing it.

Typically, and Lesbian IBS Dominatrix has been trained in precise bladder and bowel control and is able to produce mass quantities of her female liquid and solid wastes into her lesbian slave's mouth at will.

Additionally, a Lesbian IBS Dominatrix has full mastery of her daily diet giving her the knowledge of what foods and liquids to consume, when to consume them, in what quantities and order to consume them, and can accurately predict the exact day (and usually time of day) their related feminine urine and feces will be excreted from her genitalia.

It should be noted, the most proficient Lesbian IBS Dominatrixes (usually found in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Bangkok and Las Vegas) can even predict the detailed textures, colors and smells (and intensity of those smells) of their feminine bodily excretions.

Lesbian IBS Dominatrixes can charge large fees for these activites, up to $5000 an hour depending on her virginity, age, beauty, abilities, bladder/intestinal capacity and fame. Some of these ladies even charge by physical measurement (ounce, pound, quart, liter, gram, kilogram, etc). Fees may be paid by consuming lesbians, spectators, slaves or a combination of any or all.

In 2008, it was rumored Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra were each paid $1,000,000 for a week of lesbian bondage, forced hot-piss enemas and Immaculate Body Service by a rich 26-year-old socialite and her sexy mom from Washington DC.
Audrey: What is the first thing I need to do to get ready for our lesbian sex with Paris and Carmen? I really want to impress them both. They are soooo sexy!

Judi: You are NOT having any SEX with them, my dear little girl! Instead, Paris, Carmen and myself will be using you as a Lesbian Human Toilet. I have ordered Paris to also bring her Lesbian Queening Stool.

The best thing you can do, Audrey, is stick your slender fingers in your mouth and vomit up all the food in your girl-stomach right now and get ready to be filled with a million dollars of Hollywood star excretions. Paris calls it Lesbian Immaculate Body Service (IBS) !

Audrey: Oh my god!, the thought makes me SICK!

Judi: Good, just the thing to clean out your digestive track!
by Clitlynn (PalaceofGlamour.com) February 23, 2009
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