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One who is not well versed in the universal art of playing Nitendo Wii
Kim: Wow, John really sucks at Guitar Hero
Joe: Yeah, he's a real Wii Tard
by Clifton Twist March 29, 2008
1) calling down the wrath of the police by making them shoot 50,000 volts of electricity through your body with a taser.
2) getting tasered by the police because you are either too high, drunk, stupid or any combination of the three to comply with a police order.
JoeBob: Wow, BillyBob really pissed that cop off by spitting on him

LukeBob: Uh Oh looks like 5-0 pulled his taser out and is gonna hit em' with some police lightening!

JoeBob: damn that looks like it really hurts! Hit em' again! Cool!
by Clifton Twist March 30, 2008
in singing, the act of "ooh-ing" or "ahh-ing" as a background singer to the lead vocalist.
The blowfish had to oodilate while Hooty sang.
by Clifton Twist January 27, 2006
an older male of the homosexual persuasion, loitering around in gay clubs awaiting a boner doner.
Check out that Dirty Glenda with the sideburns in the crushed velvet suit and hush puppy shoes along the wall sipping his rusty nail.
by Clifton Twist January 15, 2006
the act of deficating in one's own pants after being TASERED by the Police
On COPS, I some some trailer trash dude do the electric slide after resisting the police.
by Clifton Twist March 07, 2006
the act of deficating in one's own pants after being TASERED by the police.
I was watching COPS and some guy from the trailer park tried to fight the cops and ended up doing the electric slide.
by Clifton Twist March 04, 2006

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