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Home equity line of credit
revolving credit (like a credit card) that uses one's home for collateral
Bob went to XYZ Bank to refi his second mortgage into a HELOC so he could have continued access to the equity in his home.
by Cliff96 August 08, 2005
Small bottles of liquor that are sold as samples. The same tiny bottles of liquor are used on airplanes to make mixed drinks.
The small bottles are desirable for being sneaky (i.e. hide them in your pockets, purse...)
We wanted to get our drunk started at the movie theatre so we brought some airplane liquor to spike our drinks.
by cliff96 April 01, 2006
Techno-geek for the phrase "True that"
Geek1: we rock.
Geek2: true.dat. we do.
by Cliff96 April 21, 2005
1. (v) shortened form of refinance,
to pay off an existing loan with a new loan
2. (n) an application to refinance a loan
Bill went to the bank to refi his car loan.

Banker: I was working on that refi for bill. I doubt we can do it since his credit is jodido.
by Cliff96 August 08, 2005
phrase used to describe a baby that still breastfeeds.
Jonah will probably be on the tit until he turns one year old.
by Cliff96 June 25, 2006
Accidental death and dismemberment
A type of insurance that is characterized by a very low premium and payouts in the event of an accidental death, loss of a body part, or loss of the use of a body part (i.e. finger, leg, ear, head).
It's generally a comical type of policy because you can see how much each of your body parts is worth.
I got $2000 from my ad&d insurance policy when the shark bit my leg off.
by Cliff96 July 15, 2005
property and casualty
A type of insurance that covers any property (i.e. car, house) in the event of loss or damage.
I just got my p&c insurance license. Now I can sell car insurance and home owner's insurance. Yipee!
by Cliff96 July 15, 2005

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