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A phrase used to dismiss the weird/stupid/unexplainable actions of another person. Most often used to buffer a pregnant pauseafter someone has said or done something that makes absolutely no sense.
Lena: Juan, are you naturally Mexican?


Juan: Alrighty then...


Nate: I think that I want to go to the continent of France one day...


Dave: Alrighty then...


For no apparent reason, Ken decides to run out of a crowded room crying, slamming the door behind him.

Rick: Alrighty then...

by jcsavestheday August 22, 2008
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To conclude a pointless and drawn out phone conversation
blah blah blah... alrighty then
by wwbdd April 26, 2011
A phrase used by gay males and Canadians when someone say something weird/strange/awkward.
weirdo: I had a dream where I raped Charlie Sheen

Canadian guy: alrighty then...
by asdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd November 24, 2011

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