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A slang term for Jail. It's usually used with a humorous tint or in writing or speech that's less than serious or dramatic. This is a very uncommon reference to jail.
That drunken fool landed himself in the pokey.
by Cletus Brown August 03, 2006
Pan-(all) -opticon(observe)

A design concept where all areas of an interior space are visible from any point outside the confined area. Also refers to a unique prison structure built by philosopher Jeremy Bentham, allowing guards unobstructed views of inmates, without inmates being aware that every area of the cell is monitored. Panopticon could be used in a metaphorical sense as vulnerable, revealing, voyeur, or in general to describe watching someone living in a glass house.
Panopticon is a word only a smug, ahole would use, and it's only seen in print - never spoken. "Words like deskussion, comflict, panopticon, ...only chi-chi men would use dem words." -A.G.

Sorry, bad example. Here's another example:

"The capsized men were stuck in a watery panopticon where sharks prey." -C.B.
by Cletus Brown July 31, 2006

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