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Modest Mouse is the best band ever, it's that simple.
I love Modest Mouse so much, I would give an arm and a leg just to meet Issac Brock.
by Clay Monette June 10, 2004
I gotta feva and the only prescription is more cowbell
Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper"
by Clay Monette October 02, 2003
Zapatos is another word for shoes.
Ahhhh I got shit on my zapatos.
by Clay Monette October 06, 2003
Scary goth guy.

He was featured on GTA Vice City on the VCPR radio station.

konstantinos smith is one scary s.o.b.!
by Clay Monette June 16, 2004
The pimpiest pirate en el mundo.
Kurt Russels Best Movie
Captain Ron gives me something to live for.
by Clay Monette October 02, 2003
Brown racing stripes occur when:
1. You do not whipe yourself well enough
2. You pinch one off a bit to soon
3. Your farts are so vile they stain your underwear brown in the area of your butt-crack
That son of a bitch did'nt wipe so he has brown racing stripes.
by Clay Monette October 06, 2003
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