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some sheeet mufuckas be sayin sometimes. sheeet--you know what I'm sayin?
I just said some sheet mufuckas be sayin sometimes. Sheeet, mufucka!
by Claude Money June 19, 2003
1.The art of gatting, anything otherwise to do with gats, or generally being some cool shit.

2. title of the church of Gatalism or reference to the gatalistic religion

3. the first album by Chain Gang Militia (buy the shit, ho!!!!!)
Gatalism, bitch!
by Claude Money June 19, 2003
1) something which cannot be defined

2) that which this definition does not refer to

3) something entirely useless except in the case of attempting to convince someone of something untrue

4)the focus of this definition

5) this is impossible. Nevermind.
I have (I think) just given a definition of definition.
by Claude Money June 19, 2003
All those of non-caucasian, non-Japanese descent who own a Honda Civic with japanese characters on the back, or who are not Oda Nobunaga or any other samurai (including Ghost Dog.)
Those characters and that gaudy samurai helmet make you look wapanese. Mufucka. And you ain't the author of the Hagakure.
by Claude Money June 19, 2003
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