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2 definitions by ClassicallyClassyGuy

A happy go lucky chap with an expertise in rollin' and chillin'. Loves house music and sitting in living rooms.
Tom: man, who's that guy who keeps sitting in the living room.
Matt: haha, I dunno man, yer I think he's like lewis of something.
Tom: He's really good at rolling.
by ClassicallyClassyGuy April 29, 2013
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A mysterious yet fantastical society of actors and comedians who all seem to live in Liverpool. No one is sure of their exact purpose or why they are called LUDS, yet they seem to set out in the world to entertain and educate the masses (or at least a good percentage of the student population). LUDS produces a lot of different types of entertainment live, which all seem to fall under the title 'thing'.
Maeve: Hey man, wanna go see the next big LUDS thing?
Joey: Sure why not, I've heard it's got Martin in it.
Maeve: Martin, Oh boy I think he's just great!
Joey: Me too.
Charlotte: Me too.
Maeve: I love Martin, I just wish he'd love me back the bastard, instead he just keeps chasing other girls and asking me for advice!
Joey: there there Maeve.
by ClassicallyClassyGuy April 29, 2013
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