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To be so freaked out by a girls sexual past because it makes you insecure, inferior and/or scared that you take the foolish step of dumping her, even though you still love her. Later on you realise of course that you f#cked up big time and try to get her back and look like a f#cking idiot.
Bitch, I don't like what you did with those and your ex! Fark you, i'm leaving......oh fark, what have I done! Bitch, come back, I need you!
by Clarry November 11, 2004
Skilled SC/Brood War user, ownage is the second name. Gosu Pro Elite EggForce player
Example: My idol, respect to Egg.Dogma

1. Egg.Dogma you owned that game again, how do you make it like that?

2. Using skills my dear friend- keke
by Clarry November 10, 2003

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