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Shout this if you've won something or done something cool. Often used by Alan Partridge.
Alan, you've won the new casual sportswear jacket.

Reply: AHA!
by Clareol July 17, 2003
Used if you have just beaten someone. Used by Alan Partridge. Said in front of the loser, while rubbing you're 2nd and 3rd fingers on you're face cheek.
Looks as if you're horse beat mine, Alan.

Reply: Kiss My Face!
by Clareol July 17, 2003
Commonly used phrase by (Fatchew) when confused about anything.
Sombody walks into a room.

Fucks That?
by Clareol July 19, 2003
One who constanyly eats and dream about fridges. Usually called Matthew.
You're such a fat git, Fatchew!
by Clareol July 16, 2003
Used as a reply if you've won something.
Used oftenly by Alan Partridge. When said, hold both arms in the air.
Alan, you've been asked to sign a contract for you're radio show.

Jurrasic Park!
by Clareol July 17, 2003

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