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A really sexy and good looking girl who is vietnamese.... and is so awesome
That chick is such a myly
by CJ March 30, 2005
Where you go to get your fuck on!!
Last night I took your mom to my love shack and she gave me a double-sided face pounder.
by CJ March 29, 2005
A gun that has been used for a murder. Usually reffered when some one buys the murder weapon
Tony bought the gun from Danta'e, but didn't know he had bodies on it.
by cj October 17, 2003
pretty hot and tempting
that girl is p.h.a.t
by cj April 17, 2003
short form of "You know what I'm sayin'?" Used during conversation to monitor the participants comprehension of each other.
Aw, hell naw. I stay wit my aunt up on 48th and Rome, nomesayin?
by CJ January 25, 2004
A sexual act where a female is being reverse tea-bagged and at the same time you pass gas into her nose making her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
This chick I knew loved seafood so I gave her the Smelly Blowfish.
by CJ October 05, 2003
breaking chickens neck while the fouls impaled on erect member,thus causing dying quivers. UM UM feels so good
bruce often longed for the day when he would he working on his thesis " THE DYING QUIVERS FIELD TEST"
by cj December 07, 2004

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