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The ultimate question. The one with no answer.
Woman: Why?
Man: Why?
Child: Why?
Asian: Why?
Mexican: Why?
African: Why?
American: Why?
Earth: Why?
by Citizen of Kane October 03, 2005
What Martha Stewart missed most while in jail, her family was a distance second.
Reporter: Martha what did you miss most when you were in prison?
Martha: Lemons...
Reporter: Anything else.
Martha: No just lemons
(5 second pause)
Martha: And my family
That is all true, search the web if you don't belive me
by Citizen of Kane April 23, 2005
Rich assholes who win everything, all of um seem to be druggies.
"Conestoga just kicked Rador's ass...again"
by Citizen of Kane April 23, 2005
The greatest thing in the universe. If it wern't for this four letter word, there would be nothing... It it what hold the world together. Remeber to love love... and while your at it, hate hate... I love you all.
Person: I...I love you...
World: I love you too...
by Citizen of Kane October 03, 2005
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