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Thusiasm: The opposite of enthusiasm. An overwhelming desire to do nothing. To never want to go over and above the minimum effort required to complete a task. Just can't be fucked (CBF). To have had the life sucked out of you by the world leaving you a shell of the person that you used to be with no desire to do anything other than the absolute bare minimum to survive.
After being treated like shit by his boss for months Johns thusiasm level was so high that he could barely be bothered to breathe.
by Ciport June 09, 2014
A day on which you achieve absolutely nothing, you don't even get changed out of the clothes you slept in.
"Hey, what'd you do yesterday"
"I had a Pj day, I achieved absolutely nothing, I woke up, watched 16 episodes of The Walking Dead and went back to sleep, I don't even think I ate anything"
by Ciport June 30, 2014
Social media inept. People that are not only socially inept, but also social media inept. They click "like" on the wrong things on Facebook. They make "wrong" comments on people's Facebook posts and then don't know how to delete them. They post selfies on Instagram and Snapchat that should never have been taken. Companies and individuals can suffer from this problem.
"OMG, my dad is so sminept, he just 'liked' a picture of my best friend in her swimsuit"
by Ciport July 28, 2014
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