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to eat, or consume. Mac deriving from MACoroni and cheese and Big MAC.

Slang: To kiss, make-out
My favorite foods to mac on are watermelon, pizza, artichoke hearts, and chocolate.

Slang: Jakob has been macking on Cindy all night long.
by Cindy D. March 21, 2008
the person awake and standing after a long night of drinking and partying.
Cindy was the last person standing at Marisha's bachelorette party.
by Cindy D. March 21, 2008
To urk means to have a hankering or desire. Possibly deriving from the word urge.
Im urking for a cherry shell covered vanilla icecream really bad!! Once I get one I am going to mac on that goodness all the way to the beach.
by Cindy D. June 16, 2008
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