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A Bone Collector is a female that has to have a long lasting, forever relationship with every man she dates, talks to, speaks to, or has sex with. The Bone Collector will hold on to old boyfriends or love interests even if she has a current boyfriend or that person has a girlfriend. The Bone Collector will typically interfere in the current relationships of the bones(men) she has collected through the years. The Bone Collector often has low self esteem, so she collects and stores up bones to build a false sense of security. FYI-some men are Bone collectors.
Jason: Dude, are you still talking to Sharon? I thought you broke up with her five years ago.

Michael: We did break up five years ago,but the chic stills calls me for conversation and sometimes favors. Btw... She has a boyfriend!

Jason: Are you guys getting back together?

Michael: No, I've been trying to get back in with her one time, but she says that we can't, but she still calls. She just likes to have me accessible when she wants to dig me up.

Jason: Sounds like she's the dog and you're the bone! Word around town is that she does this to all her male associates. Man, that chic is a Bone Collector!
by Cillybee January 05, 2011
A female that wears weave, false eyelashes, contacts,and etc., all at the same time.
Mike..."Man that chic is ready. She is just how I like'em". "She got good hair too".

Will..."Man,that chic is a falsetto. Aint nothing natural about her except her skin......I guess"!?
by CillyBee July 18, 2010
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