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Okay, anti-preps hate the preps because theyre in their little group and their snobby and theyre all teh same right? HeLlO! Anti-preps are in THEIR little group and THEY all look the same with their little AntiCrombie shirts and stuff, and EVEN more obvious is that they are obviously snobby because they HATE preps for no apparent reason! Maybe a prep was rude to you once..get over it! Anti-Preps think theyre mature and better than the little cliques because they do what they want to do , well reality check most ALL people do what they wanna do as for the preps, they WANT to dress that way, the goths also. The Anti-Preps are a sad little group of social rejects who want people to think they WANT to be this way when really theyre like this because no one likes them! But HEY ANTIPREPS--keep thinkin that your cool because you 'live your life the way you want to' obviously your the only people in the WHOLE world that do that...riiight!
Anti-Prep::i hate preps, they are so rich and dress so good and have SO many friends! Man if they would be friends with me i wouldnt have to act like such a *LOSER* i pretend i dont like them when really i wish i WAS them!
by Cierra Wallace May 10, 2005
*Goths are people who have no originality and decide to go through some sort of rebellious stage to piss people off and start wearing black and listening to stupid EMO music! They make fun of all the rich preppy kids because they want to be rich and popular and preppy but they are NOT so they whine about it and say they hate the world! honestly someone should shoot them and put them out of their misery! theyre even more conformist and mainstream than preps! and they dont even look as cute! sOrrY to all the goths but get a life! xOxO
person1:that kids dressed in all black, i he goth?
person2:yeah he tried to kill himself last week!
person1: pathetic..
by Cierra Wallace April 12, 2005

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