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slang term, huevos means eggs or testicles, en tu arroz means rice,there is a meal in south America called eggs on top of rice, "huevos en arroz", in this slang meaning "my balls on your rice"
when you don't believe something that somebody is telling you or denying something.
Oye que crees que me paso ayer? me gane la loteria, ay si... mis huevos en tu arroz.
Me prestas tu coche? no, mis huevos en tu arroz que te lo presto. = guess what? I won the lotery yesterday, Yeah right dude!
Can i borrow your car? no you got to be crazy if you think that's happening.
by Chupapachito September 16, 2008
Spanish for female wolf, slang same as fox or bitch
que onda guey? trae mas lobas a la fiesta.
What up dude? why don't you bring some more bitches to the party.
by Chupapachito September 16, 2008
Fem, Derogatory term used to call somebody that lives in the ghetto or a low class neighborhood and have no class, in south America this places are called "los arrabales"
Esa señora se la pasa en el chisme, es una arrabalera. = that lady is always gossiping and talking crap about everybody, she comes from a low class neighborhood
by Chupapachito September 16, 2008
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