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Someone who is attracted to paper. Usually lined paper is desired. Often people discover they are a paperphile when they first open a book and they smell that new book aroma, from then on there hooked! hooked with a paper clip!
Bad cop "You opened that book and read the whole page did'nt you! That page had only been published 5 years ago! You paperphile!!!"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 20, 2010
An eccentric person. Also an uncommon term for Peruvians.
Sheep shagger "Hah thats different"

Alpaca shagger "Well everyone shags sheep!"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 23, 2010
Someone who predicts the result of something before it happens. Comes from counting how many chicks will hatch under a hen before they have hatched.
Douchey nerd "If my calculations are correct i scored 98% in that test"

Teacher "Don't be an egg counter boy!"

next day

Douchey nerd "But that can't be! how'd I get 99%????"

Teacher "Well you should'nt be an egg counter"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 22, 2010
Someone who looks like there in the right sort of place but is not. Comes from the fact that many people think Penguins live in the North Pole but they actually live in the South Pole.
Mark "Hey Jerry you love to surf hit those gnarly waves!"

Jerry "Ummm alright i'll try" (Splash plonk")

A very large crowd of critising onlookers " FAIL! what an arctic penguin!"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 22, 2010
Using elevation to look for a suitable partner. Often used by males to seek females in a large crowd.
Dude 1 "Who's that man flying that hang glider through the streets!?"

Dude 2 "Oh thats Mark he's in to falconry, loves hunting birds!"

Dude 3 "He never catches any though!"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 20, 2010
When you see a bunch of sunburnt people (usually tourists) together in one spot.
Dude 1 "Hey look at that crab pot there hundreds of em! the burnt buggers!"

Dude 2 "I'm hungry now"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 20, 2010
A person who has all these races in them and generally lives in Wales. They have great difficulty going to pubs and tend to holiday in a cheap caravan across the British Isles.
Seamus Smith Scott (an Irish,English and Scottish man) "Oh i can't go to the pub! i always get in to trouble down the pub!"
by chugmeister of sicily June 17, 2010

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