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Getting so drunk, you decide to raid peoples' front Gardens for their plant bots or bird feeders and stumble down the road with them, inevitably dropping and smashing said object.
Jake - "man i was smashed last night, why is my coat covered in mud?"

Claire - "you don't remember? You were blatantly Plantpot Drunk mate"

Jake - "ah no way, my foreheads sore too"

Martyn - "yeah you walking into a lampost"
by Chubbyjake February 17, 2010
To reveal breasts in the hope of obtaining Cigarettes and/or Alcohol underage
Friend 1: don't worry just Bianca that fool, he will sell you some fags.
Friend 2: but when i Bianca'd him last time i got rejected

shopkeep 1: i just got straight up Bianca'd, but those boobs were immaculate.

shopkeep 2: i wish i would get Bianca's :(

Shopkeep 1: shut up jerry and clear the stockroom, hurry i need a shit.
by Chubbyjake December 15, 2009

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