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A condition in which you share similarities to the comic strip feline Garfield. Be it his excessive laziness, his narcissistic behavior, or more commonly his love for the layered pasta dish lasagna
i wish i didn't have a Garfield complex, I've put on 20 lbs since last week

*yea i know bad example
by ChronoSapien December 29, 2011
A portmanteau of "adorable + bad" whose net meaning becomes: 1.) Possessing both a quality of adorableness and badness 2.) Cute in a way that makes you feel bad emotionally for appreciating it 3.) Bad in a way that makes something seem incredibly cute.
Oh M squee she just sneezed and blew a snot rocket into her on hands... poor thing, that was soooo adorabad!
by Chronosapien November 03, 2014
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