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Woman skank who is beyond a bitch and has moved into vile territory.
Sue: "Did you see what Allison did to me last night? She totally stole my boyfriend from me.

Thomas: "Ah, don't sweat it Susan. She's a cum guzzling sausage junkie
by Christopher Graham February 14, 2006
To be arrested by being handcuffed and placed rudely into a police car.
Ben: "What happened to Steve last night?
Gil: "Steve was caught with some blow on him, and he was cuffed and stuffed. He's getting out on bail later today."
by Christopher Graham February 17, 2006
(1)As a greeting or as a farewell, to be used in general speak as a substitute for a much better, more difficult salutation.
(2) As a substitute for an affirmative response.
(3) As a substitute for virtually any interjection.
(1)Fred: I'll see you tomorrow, Chuck.
Chuck: OK Fred. Hizzoo!

(2)Fred: Are you going to the movies?
Chuck: Hizzoo!

(3) (A) Fred: Jeter just hit a Home
Run. Hizzoo!
(B) Fred: I won! I won! Hizzoo!
(C) Fred: Didn't that movie rock?
Chuck: Hizzoo!
by Christopher Graham July 30, 2005
1) Someone who logs on to Instant Messenger, starts a conversation, then logs off immediately without saying goodbye.
"Charles was IMing me last night, then he just disconnected without saying goodbye or anything. He's a kamakaze IM'er."
by Christopher Graham September 05, 2005

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