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34 definitions by Christopher

When an African-American male forgets a cooler in his "crib" and needs to return to retrieve it.
"I had ta drive home to pick up this FUCK ASS COOLA."
by Christopher April 10, 2005
a moron. An idiot. one who screws up.
usually a person that made a grave mistake
Oh man...he just missed the winning shot...what a fucking goat!
by christopher May 20, 2004
an international skate, snow and surf magazine from Northern California
wherever good magz are sold
by christopher January 20, 2004
bitch...when meant to offend someone
by christopher September 16, 2003
in computers, the most elite; more elite than any other; above all in eliteness
"Thats so post!"
"Thats not just John, that's Post"
by Christopher June 20, 2004
silly person; one who acts goofy
you gander
by christopher October 05, 2003