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A woman who is not quite thin, and not quite fat. In the clubs, she goes out wearing Spanx, an undergarment (girdle) designed to conceal cellulite and bumps, but when her date takes her home, the undergarment is removed, revealing mountains of shocking fleshy cellulite and fat.
A: Wow! Regina looks so good! Did she lose weight?
B: No, she's got it all tucked in-- she a spanx whore.
by Christine Pinheiro May 24, 2007
A man who is immensely attractive and fit, but mentally deficient in so many ways that he is only good for intercourse and to look at.
A: Girl, your boyfriend is so cute, but so stupid!
B: I know, Girl! He's so tardilicious!
by Christine Pinheiro May 24, 2007
The desire for a Caucasian male to have a rare sexual experience with a female member of the Indian Race; hence, the mention of the visible "dot" on the forehead.
I've fucked almost every race, but I still wanna hump da dot!
by Christine Pinheiro May 24, 2007

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