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(n.) a girl or woman who is passed amongst a circle of friends, for sex, with everyone involved fully aware of the previous friends she has already been with. Typically, friends gather to compare and share notes for the benefit of potential future Baton carriers.
In Cincinnati we don't run trains, we pass Cincinnati Batons. They're a renewable resource.
by Christian Cancer September 26, 2006
Entering an establishment (such as cafe, restaurant, bar, etc.) and being asked to leave for no apparent reason other than the staff being a bunch of bitches, one politely nods in agreement while slowly burying their hand down their pants, shitting in their palm, then violently throwing it against the wall as they exit.
My girl and I had a date at this ritzy French restaurant but I guess they didn't like what we wore because they told us we weren't allowed in. I was mad, but while we were leaving I gave them a steaming Cincinnati Monkey Toss and we found a much better Italian place across the street.
by Christian Cancer August 05, 2008
When a guy sprinkles cocaine on his penis and it's sucked off.
It's called a Cincinnati Condom because it offers absolutely no protection against anything. A backwards definition, just like the city.
by Christian Cancer August 05, 2008
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